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The Northern Durham Islamic Assoc. Newsletter

            Premier Issue (May 2015)



"The Ink of the Scholar is More Holy than the Blood of the Martyr".                                                         

Prophet Muhammed(PBUH)



Editorial Note

You have in your hands the first issue of the Newsletter of the Northern Durham Islamic 

Association. The Newsletter will be published and made available to the community on a regular 

basis, Insha’Allah. The purpose of the Newsletter, first and foremost, is to inform the community 

of the ongoing events and activities of the Association, the Board and its different committees. The 

Newsletter will also serve as a voice of the community and a forum for exchange of ideas among

us on issues of concern to the community. Going forward, the Newsletter will grow and we will,

InshaAllah, add more features and articles depending on the interests of the community. Please 

provide us your feedback and let us know if there are news and events of significance that you 

need to share with the community through the Newsletter.



The Northern Durham Islamic Association Mission Statement:

To please Allah (SWT) by obeying His commands and to establish a masjid for the purpose 

of community prayers, provide educational opportunities in the Islamic sciences, and 

conduct a variety of religiously-mandated activities. 


Message from the President:


Dear Honorable Community Members:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the NDIA, I thank you for your help and support for the North Durham Masjid and for the Association that run the masjid and organizes its different programs and activities. Our multi-ethnic group of practicing Muslims who are trying to please Allah (swt) by following the Quran and the authentic Hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saas). We practice 

a plain and simple orthodox Islam and our community is open to all who wish to pray with us, take classes on Islam and Arabic with us, and join us in trying to live the Islamic life, help build our Muslim community and fulfill the true mission of the beautiful religion of Islam, Insha’Allah. In order to make our community successful and vibrant, we stress each and every member’s active participation and support of the masjid. Involvement in the affairs of the Community is incumbent upon every Muslim. An example from the life of the Prophet best illustrates why we should be active in helping our Masjid and the community thrive: Prophet Muhammad (saas) was with a group of his followers in the masjid 

when three Muslims arrived. One found a gap in the circle around the Prophet, so he sat down; the second sat down behind the group; and the third left the Masjid. Seeing this, the Prophet made the following comment: “The first one came forward so Allah accepted him; the second felt a little shy, 

so Allah shied away from him; the third acted self-sufficient and only Allah is self-sufficient. So, let

us all be active and not disappoint Allah (swt).


Dr. Mohammed Othman, Imam and President, Northern Durham Islamic Association.


Northern Durham Islamic Assoc.: The Background, Update & Future Plans:


With the Muslim community branching into different areas of the Triangle, a Masjid in the North Durham became a necessity. Seven years ago, several Muslim brothers recognized that need and began planning the establishment of the North Durham Masjid to accommodate the Muslims of North Durham. Using resources garnered by the Islamic Society of Central Carolina, the Masjid was founded at its current location in time for full-fledged Ramadan activities in 2011, and the first Jumma prayer was performed in July 2011.  The leaders of the Masjid envision it as a comprehensive community center fully serving both spiritual and practical needs of the Muslim community, while creating outreach to embrace the larger community of Muslims and non-Muslims in neighboring areas. The Masjid has already reached many important goals, such as establishing the five daily prayers, inviting guest Imams to lead Ramadan prayers, organizing community dinners, monthly lectures, and offering weekend school for children. Additionally, classes in Arabic and English as a Second Language and Quran memorization are regularly offered. It is important to note that within a short period of four years, the Masjid with the help of the community and some other generous donors has been able to pay off the entire mortgage of $175,000. The Masjid has also been finally granted the non-profit status which is another, equally important, milestone. The future plans include renovations of the bathrooms, adding a playground, establishing afterschool program to accommodate working parents, a language institute offering certification in the Arabic language, and Muslim youth initiative designed to accommodate the needs of our youth and connect them with the rest of the community.  

To help the Majid grow and accomplish these goals and to better serve its members, it is extremely important for each and every member to help and support by generously donating and by getting involved in the Masjid’s numerous programs and activities. May Allah (swt) reward you for your generosity!


Please contact the editor with your comments or suggestion and any upcoming events you need to share 

with the Masjid community. Please drop them in the Masjid”s Suggestion Box.

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