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Ramadan sighting

Posted on: 15 May 2018
Alsalam alikum,
We will be sighting the moon 🌙 for the month of Ramadan tonight while communicating with other masjids in the area to decide the beginning of Ramadan.

In the mean time, while according to ISNA some of the masjid will start taraweeh tonight , we will see if the brothers in north durham will do the same , so we get the reward for the qyam anyhow.

For qyam during the month of Ramadan , we will pray isha 5 min after azthan followed by qyam with 5 min break between isha and qyam.

We will pray 11 rakah with little break after the fourth one inshallah giving an opportunity for short khaterah specially in the weekends nights.

There will be iftar in the masjid according those who blunter to provide iftar for the community , we encourage families sign up to provides iftar so we all gain the rewards and gather together and spend more time together inshallah

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