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Which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?

Posted on: 13 October 2017

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"The most natural food is fruit"

-Morgan A.

Which of the Favors of your Lord will you deny?

"Then the labour pains brought her to the trunk of a palm-tree. She said, ‘O that I would have died before this, and would have been something gone, forgotten.’ Then he called her from beneath her: ‘Do not grieve; your Lord has placed a stream beneath you. Shake the trunk of the palm-tree towards yourself and it will drop upon you ripe fresh dates.’" 19:22-24

Surely Allah speaks the truth. Our beloved mother Mariam (ra) suffered greatly bearing Isa (as). We know the story well. But, have you reflected on what Allah (swt) may be telling us about our health? Through distress Allah (swt) drove Mariam (ra) to the very medicine she needed for strength, healing and relief. Yet, the dates did not just fall from the tree, nor did the stream just pour down onto Mariam (ra). She had to reach for the water under her, and shake the tree above her. It takes a combination of our own effort in harmony with obedience to Allah (swt) for the healing to come.


Allah (swt) compelled Mariam (ra) toward the date tree specifically. Dates possess concentrated sugar, protein, vitamins, and electrolytes including potassium. Specifically, vitamin B, folic acid, and potassium contained in dates combat the ill effects of excessive bleeding, or hemorrhage, and anemia, or low red blood cells, that commonly accompany childbirth. Weakness causes pain perception to be more pronounced. Hence, the sugary date does double duty restoring nutrients, and increasing strength through intense and rapid energy production. This synergy further works to decrease pain perception. The dates and water addressed Mariam’s (ra) needs for healing and recovery from childbirth holistically. Many doctors now advocate against the common practice of giving narcotics for post partum pain, because of the harmful side effects on nursing newborns, and on the mothers. Allah (swt) has given us other means that may mitigate the distresses of childbirth, without the side effects of harsh chemicals or narcotics.


Aisha (ra) reported that "Newborn children used to be brought to the Messenger of Allah and he would supplicate for the blessings for them and rub a chewed date

upon their palate." (Sahih Muslim 1:560) 1400 years later, in 1995, a study published in the British Journal of Medicine revealed rubbing a sweet liquid in a baby’s mouth decreased pain and stabilized heart rates during painful procedures such as circumcision. The impact of this study continues to resonate now. Newborn nurseries nationally use "sweeties", a sweet liquid coating pacifiers, during painful procedures. Amazing. Profound, but not surprising. The proven prescription for pain for newborns was already prescribed to the believers from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). And to Mariam (ra) for childbirth.


By extension, this same medicine, which we also know assists the elimination of harmful parasites and protects from poisons, can be expected to decrease the distress of menstruation. Hemorrhage, weakness, and pain also characterize the menses. Allah (swt) calls it a "hurt and a pollution (2:222)," admonishing husbands to avoid relations during their wives menstral cycles. The body is dispelling tissue that has necrosed or died. Having relations drags microbes forcefully into an already vulnerable area. Any lack of hygiene has the same adverse outcome, promoting the growth of harmful bacteria. This spells an increased risk of infection, and inflammation, making proper nutrition, hygiene and avoiding relations of utmost importance. Without these precautions, the threat of contracting pelvic infections increases dramatically, and some medical evidence links relations during this time to infertility.


It is not random that Allah (swt) provided Mariam (ra) with a ‘Sariy’ or a small flowing river, a river she could drink from. The health benefits of water are innumerable, including hydration, hygiene, and purification. Mariam was commanded to "eat, drink, and cool your eyes…" (19:26). The stream was also a place of purification for herself and Isa (as). Washing and drinking from sweet, clean water form the cornerstones of hygiene, and good health.

The greatest doctor of all, Al Shafiy, has given us so many prescriptions that modern science is beginning to discover and verify. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) confirmed to us, "Verily, Allah did not create a disease that Allah except that He also has created the treatment; some would know it and some would not (Ahmad 3912)." I ask you ‘Which of the favors of your Lord will you deny? (55:13)’

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