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The Importance of a Masjid as a Foundation of a Muslim Community




Triangle Area of North Carolina is home to thousands of Muslims from all over the world. In order to accommodate needs for a growing Muslim population, 
so many mosques have been established the Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham with concentration in certain areas closer to the established universities in the area. 
This growing number of mosques was random enough and targeted building that can be converted easily to musla, the area where the Muslims pray in. though, 
so many specific areas where left without mosques that is close to avoid driving distance to get to those already establish mosques in the closest area.
Due to the growing numbers of families in the north Durham area, the need for a mosque in the north area became necessity not luxury to accommodate the 
resident in north Durham area. 
Seven years ago few brothers started evaluating the establishment of a mosque in the north durham area, 
By using some money which was collected some years ago by another organization called  ISCC “Islamic socity of central Carolina” the North Durham masjid 
started on its present location at 2609 w. carver street, Durham NC 27705 with the idea of building a muslim community tthat will be able to grow and expand in 
the future.
The masjid started its activities in Ramdan of the year 2011 and first Gomah prayer was conducted on the third Friday of July 2011.
Since then, the community is growing and more people participating in both Gomah and daily prayer.
Between the services which provided by the masjid,  Islamic weekend school for children, Arabic classes for adult, English as second languge for immigrants, 
monthly community dinner, and community iftar during the month of Ramadan. 
Eid prayer also was conducted for both eids in the masjid for the convenience of the community members. In addition, Quran memorization classes are provided 
for children of different ages.
For the third years now, the masjid continued to provide with needed services and supported all community members, sisters, brothers and their children.
Future improvement for the facility, 
1-     We would like to pay the building off first then we would like to acquire some land and establish , an integrated Muslim community center where every one 
can have and find what they need in this center.
2-     We would like to reach out for more family, in the surrounding area, Roxboro, rougment, and Creedmoor
3-      Establishing an after school program to accommodate children for working parent
4-     Establishing an language  institute  to teach and offer certificate in the area of Arabic language
5-     Establishing full time Quran memorization school for both children and adult
The final goal is to provide Islamic education and support for the Muslim children and youth in addition providing a family support for Muslim immigrant  who 
losses their connection with their mother country.

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