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Mosque History

Background and Establishment


The Research Triangle area in North Carolina is home to thousands of Muslims from all over the world. I order to accommodate the needs of a growing Muslim population; many mosques have been established in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas with particular concentration around the major universities such as: NC State, UNC, and Duke University. This ever so increasing Muslim population led to an increased demand in establishing Mosques. During establishment of Mosques, building that can be easily converted into a Musalah or a Muslim prayer area were targeted. Areas that had a Mosque within a reasonable driving distance were not selected. Therefore, due to the growing number of Muslim families in the North Durham area, the need for a Mosque became a necessity rather than a luxury in order to accommodate the North Durham Muslim community.

Several years ago a few brothers started evaluating the establishment of a Mosque in the North Durham area. By utilizing funds collected years ago by an organization called the Islamic Society of Central Carolina (ISCC); the North Durham Masjid was established at its present location: 2609 W. Carver St. Durham, NC 27705. This Mosque was established with the intention of supporting and nurturing a Muslim community that will be able to grow and thrive in the future.

The North Durham Masjid started its activities in July 2011 (Ramadan 1432), and the first Jumuah prayer was conducted on Friday July 22, 2011. Since then, the community has grown and has seen more people participating in both Friday services and daily prayers. Approximately 80-100 Muslims attend the Jumuah prayer. Eid prayers are also conducted and celebrated at the Masjid.

The North Durham Masjid focuses on educating the Muslim community about Islam. Some of the many educational services provided by the masjid include Islamic Studies for children of various ages, which are taught during the weekend school. Additionally, Arabic, Qur’an memorization, and Tajweed classes for both children and adults are taught during the weekend school and on weekdays. English as a second language lessons are also given to immigrants who struggle with the English language.

The North Durham Masjid understands the importance of having a unified and diversified community. Therefore, the Masjid tries to nurture the Islamic bond between one another through hosting activities, such as monthly community dinners, community iftars during the month of Ramadan and the Day of Arafa. Additionally, Eid celebration parties also happen at the North Durham Masjid.


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