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Mission Statement

North Durham Masjid

2609 W Carver St, Durham NC 27705


Mission Statement

The North Durham Islamic Association is a nonprofit organization and has been recently established in the northern Durham area. It is consisted and initiated by group of brothers and sisters from Durham and associated with various universities, professional organizations, and businesses. 

  • The goals are to establish, facilitate and encourage the practice of Islam in the Durham and surrounding areas.
  • The base for work is the Quara’am and the Sunnah of prophet Mohamed (PBUH).
  • Providing a place of worship
  • Encouraging Muslims participation in the Islamic activities and making dawa’a to non Muslim
  • The enjoying what is good and forbidding what is bad or evil
  • Facilitate Islamic education and educate both Muslim and non Muslims
  • Propagating Islam to the general public
  • Promoting the social, economic, and moral well being of muslims

Today's Prayer Timetable

Wednesday 05 Aug 2020


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