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Board of Directors


Northern Durham Islamic Association Board Members

Dr. Mohamed Othman                               Chairman/Interim Imam   envoser@aol.com (term: year 2020)

Dr. Mostafa Gabr                                        Board Member and website coordinator mostafagabr@gmail.com (term: year 2022)

Mosi Peyton                                               Treasurer   mosi.peyton@gmail.com (term: year 2020)

Yassir AbdelWahab                                    Board Member (term: year 2022)

Rannia Hassan                                           Board Member (term: year 2022)                                                                    

Mohammed Mahbubur Rahman                Vice Chairman  mahbub.1969@gmail.com (term: year 2020)

Dr. Maisha Pesante                                     Board member drpesante@yahoo.com (term: 2022)

Saja Jones                                                   Board member cmgallanti2@yahoo.com (term: year 2020)


Brief note from our new members

Yassir AbdelWahab:

AA. My name is Yassir. I came from Sudan. I have lived five years in the US. I work in an engineering company. I have three kids.

Dr. Mostafa Gabr:

AA. My name is Mostafa. I was born in Maryland. I have lived in Durham for 1 year now. I work at Duke hospital. 




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Sunday 17 Feb 2019


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