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Community Bonding

By the Chairman

Assalamo Alaykum! The North Durham Masjid is one of the best communities in the North Eastern side of the United States. The community consists of an amalgamation of brothers and sisters from all over the globe, bound together by the rope of Allah who has guided us to Islam and pointed us in the right direction back to Him.

The community has many dedicated sincere brothers and sisters who work behind the scenes, unmentioned, and unrecognized. They remind me of a statement attributed to the prophet who said, “Verily Allah loves the honest, pure, and righteous ones. Those who if they come they are not recognized, and if they leave they are not missed. Their hearts are the lights of guidance. They come from every dusty dark road.”

Our community, just like any other community has those who are active and those who are not. Some want to join this group and some want to join that group, while others remain sitting on the side wavering between this and that, they also remind me of another saying attributed to the Prophet . He was with a group of his followers in the masjid, when three Muslims arrived. One found a gap in the circle so he sat down. The second sat down behind the group and the third left the masjid. Upon seeing this did the Prophet make the following comment: “The first one came forward so Allah accepted him. The second felt a little shy so Allah shied from him, and the third acted self-sufficient, and only Allah is the Most Sufficient.

 It is not that our community only needs the help of each one of us, but we also need to be part of the community. Involvement in the affairs of the community is a duty upon every Muslim. In order to keep this community one of the best communities in this area then participation must increase and generosity must be given by all.

North Durham Masjid

2609 W. Carver St.

Durham, NC 27705

(919) 908-8804


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Wednesday 05 Aug 2020


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